Want to know what it’s like to be in the hot seat? In our first edition of Game Day Q&A, join us inside the press room before the US men’s national team appearance in the Gold Cup quarterfinal match at Lincoln Financial Field. Today, Coach Bruce Arena is at the table fielding questions. We look forward to how you, as parents, coaches, players or other key stakeholders in the soccer community, weigh in on his responses.

1.       During his Tuesday afternoon presser, Arena revealed that it was his plan to look at new players during the group stage and bring in experienced players for the knockout stages of this year’s Gold Cup.  What are the takeaways you think an athlete should focus on when they were good enough for the call up but never included in the immediate future plans of a competition?

2.       In the group stage, Arena saw that the smaller countries have improved considerably. There was a good style of play. And, the gap has closed between these teams and their larger counterparts. As a coach, how do you alleviate the pressure when the competition, that’s traditionally been at a lower level, starts to raise their game to challenge your position?

3.       Despite the format of this phase of the tournament, Arenas has not been putting more of an emphasis on penalty kicks. He said there is a “big difference in taking them in practice than in the game and everyone who takes one is capable of making it.” What suggestions do you have for players to best manage a moment that cannot be replicated?