From the USL to La Liga, an array of decision makers from the domestic and global soccer community were on hand for the opening day of Hashtag Sports 2017 Conference. Here are five ideas that stakeholders in the sport should take into consideration.

1. Sports orgs will feel an increasing responsibility to give back to the community. According to LA Galaxy's Chris Klein, their club is continually looking at ways to integrate causes dear to its players with partner brands.

2. FIFA gaming will shape youth athletes style of play on the field. esport personality Chuboi is noticing how a widely popular, lateral ball roll tactic, in the video game, has become a prevalent go to feint offline.

3. Sports are very personality driven. And if we look deep enough into platforms such as Overtime, we will find teams, coaches and players who want fan bases that will curate and generate content about them.

4. Soccer stars will allow more access to their lives outside of the game. Big3 basketball Commissioner and tech investor Roger Mason, Jr mentioned his involvement in Vaunt, a near term, online platform where several global soccer players will begin connecting with their fan communities.

5. The 3rd person point of view will continue to have a strong voice in shaping how fans view moments in and around the game. Sports media creators like Bleacher Report and Copa 90 are anticipating how a development on the field can affect its viewers and, in a broader sense, teams and sports. And it's these perspectives that will drive the stories that are told and the format they are presented in.