No FIFA World Cup is without a few surprises. So why would our travel guides for the big competition be any different? Alongside the release of each installment of the Savoring Joga Bonito: The World Cup 2014 Bucket List for Fans, we will accompany it with a free Pelé 10 download. Our Pelé 10 downloads are fun lists that will help you be on top of your game as a soccer tourist in Brazil.

In honor of our legendary freebies, here are 4 interesting facts about our lists’ namesake, Pelé.

  1. After playing in his first match with the New York City Cosmos, Pelé told a fellow teammate that it would be his first and last game with the club. His gifted feet had strangely turned green, and the superstar couldn’t put them at risk. Fortunately, it was quickly realized that the pitch had been spruced up with green spray paint in honor of his debut, and the color washed right off! You can learn more by watching the film Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos.
  2. Pelé’s professional soccer debut was at age 15 for Santos Football Club. According to FIFA, it is the only club in the world to score 10,000 goals. The King of Football is responsible for scoring 1,091 of those goals.
  3. The soccer legend showcased his musical talent by releasing a solo album entitled, Pelé Ginga.
  4. Pelé’s friend and business partner Celso Grellet mentioned in an interview that the superstar met and befriended John Lennon while they both attended a language school in New York. Pelé was enrolled in an English class while Lennon was there learning Japanese.

Got a fun Pelé story that you want to share? We are all eyes + ears! Write it in the comments below.