In honor of World Cup 2014, Eat Soccer is publishing, Savoring Joga Bonito: The World Cup 2014 Bucket List for Fans, a series of digital guides tailored to soccer enthusiasts who will be heading to Brazil during and after the tournament.  We enlisted insight from historians, trainers, agents, bloggers and super fans on the best places to have round-the-clock experiences with fellow football fans in every host city. And to make sure the sensory overload doesn’t take you off your game, we share safety tips from a Fluminense fan who owns a top notch security firm in Rio. It is our goal to make sure you have a strategy maximize your once-in-a-lifetime experience at this summer’s competition.

To make it every minute of your time count, Eat Soccer will offer a few freebies to go along with each digital release.  It will come in the form of a short digital download called, Pele 10.  Every Pele 10 installment will cover ten people, places or things that we feel can serve you on your journey.

We know that, once you announced your trip to Brazil, people put in their souvenir requests.  With our Pele 10: Suitcase Stuffers download, we introduce you to ten souvenirs that are worth packing and sharing. Take a read of one suggestion below.

For tourists who want to gift Brazilian chocolate to a soccer fan, head to a grocery store in your host city and grab Lacta’s Diamante Negro. Infused with crunchy pieces of honey and cashew nuts, the milk chocolate bar honors Brazilian soccer legend, Leônidas da Silva.

During the 1938 World Cup in France, French journalist Raymondo Thourmagem was so impressed with the performance of Leônidas da Silva that he nicknamed him Diamante Negro (Black Diamond).  It was a moniker that was embraced by Lacta when they changed the name of their milk chocolate bar in 1940 in tribute to one of the country’s greatest athletes.  Accompanying the name change was the slogan,  “To live is good with Black Diamond it’s better.” (Viver é bom, com Diamante Negro é melhor.)

Stay tuned for more World Cup 2014 tips and extras leading up to the big competition!