In every moment, we are granted with opportunities to take actions whose ripple effects will travel farther that we could even imagine.  And, I want to celebrate how the legacy of a life saving, agricultural chemist is woven into the fabric of Eat Soccer. Once I decided to take the first step towards my soccer dreams, I knew I needed a role model-but not just any role model-a person who personified so much passion that it became contagious.  You see I had these outrageous soccer dreams, and to overcome all the unforeseen obstacles that may cross my path, it required inspiration just as great. Fortunately, I quickly found my answer with the help of a quote and a peanut.

“When you dothe common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.” --George Washington Carver

The first time I read George Washington Carver’s words I knew that this would be the guiding principal for my actions on and off the soccer field.  And, I began reading stories about this agricultural chemist’ fascination with the peanut.  It became clear to me that, if a passion for a nut could fuel the development of over 300 products and save the livelihood of an industry, the sky was the limit as to what I could do with a soccer ball to help people.

Eat Soccer’s method for creating products and serving others with soccer is based on George Washington Carver’s blueprint for the peanut.  It is a strategy that keeps our amazing partners and me on our toes to push the boundaries of where we can plug in the world’s favorite sport.  However, I wouldn’t have it any other way.