Sometimes when I am finalizing the details of a radio interview, I receive a request from the host for a list of interview questions that I would like to be asked during our conversation.  It is a great way for me to bring up a topic that many times the host would not think to ask, but I feel will be of benefit to the listeners. In today’s post, I am going to share with you a question that would make the cut on one of my lists.

You always tell people that thoughts are powerful.  What are some of the thoughts that have shaped your journey inside and outside the touchline?

Life happens in 5 seconds. It is a phrase that I use and think all of the time.  When things seem to be going downhill, remind yourself that it can all turn around in the blink of an eye.  I have witnessed it first hand in situations where multiple defenders are closing down on me and it looks like they are going to win the ball.  However, I kept tracking the ball, and came out with the possession.  Off the field, there have been times where a door of opportunity appeared to be closing only to unexpectedly fly back open.

Success is an overnight stopping place on the way to greater success.  I can’t forget this quote from my granddaddy even if I tried.  He repeated it to me thousands of times when I was growing up.  And for me, it has become a constant call to keep building on my accomplishments because there is always something else out there to reach for. On the field, it drives me to keep finding new places and harder competition to train and play with.

The only faith you need is your own. Have you ever felt like you needed to prove something to someone but it kept being so hard?  Maybe you wanted a coach or teammate to believe in your abilities but it just wasn’t clicking for some reason.  I’ve been there, and one lesson that I quickly learned is that others can easily see when you don’t have faith in yourself.  When you decide to focus on and grow the faith you have in your abilities to accomplish a goal, you literally attract the people and opportunities that will get you on your way.  And, it will not matter who believes in who you are and what you can do because you know that you are destined to make it.

Have FUN on the way to your goal.   This recurring thought has taken the burden off me to feel like my dreams are up against time.  I remember once I was in a bookstore just looking at books only to receive an unexpected phone call with an invitation to participate in a soccer clinic in Bermuda.  Now this wasn’t something I knew about, and it dropped itself on my lap.  There have been times that I have stressed about the hows, whens and whos of getting to my goal.  But, I find when I do my part of preparing for my goal then I should turn my interest to other activities that bring me joy.  Oddly enough, the next step on my goal journey always seems to find me.

Do you have some thoughts that have shaped your goal journey and/or accomplishments?  Feel free to share them in the comments below.  Also if you like the image included in this post, it is from the Eat Soccer greeting card line. You can take a look of our starting 11 Valentine's Day cards.