Chika KS
Chika KS

Are the difficult experiences you face worth it?  Why do you refuse to throw in the towel? These are questions that I have been asked before I ever played soccer in another country, during the time I had the honor to speak at TEDx and after I had the privilege of being featured in a number of national media outlets.

Although my challenges may be disguised slightly different than yours, I am certain we share the same motivation to outlast what confronts us.  It is our vision to see and expectation to achieve The Bigger Goal.

The Bigger Goal is that purpose which fuels us to stand firm when what we momentarily face seems to be overwhelming.  And, it is the reason that pushes us to keep taking steps even when the destination seems far.

The Beautiful Game documentary tells the stories of five female South African soccer athletes who, along with many others like them, have the courage to play what is considered in their culture “a man’s sport,” despite the threat of corrective rape, gender discrimination, gender-based violence and cultural stereotyping. Like each of us, Chika, Nowie, Amy, Shuffle and Ngwenya have powered through their own unique set of circumstances for The Bigger Goal.

Empowering other girls and women in their community, channeling the loss of a parent in a healthy way, using sport as a vehicle to educate others about HIV/AIDS and developing into a responsible person are some of the individual goals that keep them from throwing in the towel.  By bringing their story to global audiences, The Beautiful Game film has The Bigger Goal of empowering millions with the worth that their bigger goals deserve

From now until The Beautiful Game’s Kickstarter campaign deadline of November 11th, I would like you post a pic + share with me #TheBiggerGoal that keeps you pushing through difficult situations, pursuing your passion and/or supporting your favorite cause.  Your words of courage will serve as reminder to others in your social networks, friends in my social network and the City Lads players featured in the documentary to keep an eye on #TBG.

I know that thousands will be empowered by your participation.  You can reach us on Facebook (@qianaeatssoccer)/Twitter (@qianarana) and/or The Beautiful Game Facebook Page or Twitter (@TBGFilm).