Qiana Martin Photo
Qiana Martin Photo

Over the last seven weeks, it is my hope that the Goddess Legs 3-90 workout series has helped you to get a leg up on sculpting your lower body.  Here’s a few other ways that I use to get a leg up in other areas of my life.  Perhaps, you will find these actions useful for you too.  Enjoy Episode Seven of Goddess Legs 3-90.  It has been fun! How Do I Get A Leg Up?

In Business: I read about interesting people and unique ideas in industries unrelated to soccer and then I figure out ways to tailor and apply this knowledge to what I am doing.

In Personal Development:  I make a point to find and try activities that support me living my best life.

In Travel:  I remain flexible about where I go and what mode of transportation that I will use to get there.

In Creating Opportunities: What I have between my two ears is my greatest weapon. I ask for guidance to see small details, recognize unique solutions and connect with overlooked prospects.