Want to gear yourself or your child in gear for soccer season?  To keep the cost of cleats, soccer socks, balls and cones from busting your budget, here are 3 places you can find these staples for a steal.

  1. Off Price Retailers: While you are busy being a Fashionista Maxxinista, make sure you take a stroll over to the men’s section of the store.  It is in this department where you can find discounted soccer balls, drawstring practice bags, soccer socks and cleats.  From TJ Maxx to Ross to Big Lots, there are some great come ups for those who have the courage to seek out this small but priceless section of the store.
  2. Sporting Goods Stores: Shortly before each soccer season, Dick’s, The Sports Authority and other chain sporting goods stores unload their old product to make room for the latest editions.  You can find some great deals on the shoe racks from turf shoes to hard ground cleats.
  3. Donation Outposts:  When was the last time you been inside a Goodwill or Salvation Army?  It is one of the first places that I donate my overflow of free/gently used soccer equipment, and I know that I am not the only one.