For those readers who saw the Bob Marley Grammy Tribute,  the energy of the reggae legend’s famous words of Get Up, Stand Up! were put to action by Beitar Jerusalem FC soccer fans before Bruno Mars, Ziggy, Sting and Rihanna took the stage last night. The club had recently signed two Muslim players, which enraged a fringe group of the club’s fans called La Familia.  Consequently, the offices of Beitar Jerusalem were burned down, and security was tight for the players’ debut match on yesterday.

Instead of letting these few bad apples ruin the game for everyone, the remaining majority of Beitar Jerusalem supporters opted to drown out racists chants/boos by joining together in standing ovations and cheers when the first of the two players, Gabriel Kadiev took to the field.  You can read an in-depth reporting of the events in this USA Today article.

Hopefully this will be a strategy that soccer fans seek to employ on and off the field to prevent the prejudiced minority from controlling how the reasonable majority enjoys this beautiful game.

Shout Out to Michael Allen who designed the logo for this t-shirt.