Gregory van der Wiel
Gregory van der Wiel

Marking: Keeping close to a player to prevent them from scoring, passing or receiving the ball. Our Mark Ya Man posts will highlight a player in the world of soccer who we think you should keep a close eye on.  Gregory van der Wiel is a defender from the Netherlands who came up through the ranks at Ajax and is now playing with Paris Saint-Germain.  For those who check for audemar watches, Lil' Wayne and giving your parents an allowance, this is your guy.

FYI: Here's a quick tip to earn soccer cred early.  Learn to pronounce team names correctly.  Ajax is does not sound like the cleaner in the US.  It is pronounced Eye-yax.  Too bad Young Jack Thriller didn't get the memo.

P.S. Although I try to keep it kosher, YJT doesn't so take care when viewing the vid.  Enjoy!